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 Riley Knightwalker

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Riley Knightwalker


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PostSubject: Riley Knightwalker   Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:20 pm

Fullname: Riley Knightwalker

Nicknames: The Huntress

Date of birth/Age:
21 June, Age: 17


Night class



Excellent swordsman, can requip different swords of different elements

General Appearance:


Riley is an outright blunt girl. She is a very cold, callous, dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent. All Riley wants to attain in her life is a form of amusement however, her amusement does not involve making friends or having a loved one. In fact, her main criteria for amusement revolves around the very essence of evil; a lot of things can make her amused – some that others do and some that she does. She is particularly amused by humans and their selfless or selfish needs. This cold hearted female is hardly ever seen with expressions on her face; when she is conversing with others or when she is in battle, the serious face is always there. Only when it is not there, instead replaced with a wicked smile; it is a sign that Riley is either enjoying herself or enjoying the misery of others.

Love- Faith fears getting close to people and displaying any sort of emotions she has.
Failure- Faith hates failing any sort of task. She detests admitting defeat.

Born into a male dominated family, Riley was the youngest and the only daughter who was given birth to. Being nobles, the Knightwalker household always was protective of the pure bloods, which confused the young child a lot. She grew up with her father and brothers who taught her how to fight. Her mother never really had a liking to her as she though that only male figures were worthy of being born into the Knightwalker clan. Growing up, she did whatever possible to please her mother yet failed each time. As time passed, she became one of the most excellent swordsman in the household. She was treated with even more respect than ever before. Sadly, her mother did not think so. The woman began hating her daughter even more as she thought that Riley was trying to become better than her brothers. That was the young girl's tipping point. She had had enough of her mother and decided to leave the household. Her brothers and father, who loved her tremendously tried looking for her but failed. She knew how to fight and defend herself. But living a dangerous life alone twisted her mind far more than she thought.
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Brandon Maboroshi


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PostSubject: Re: Riley Knightwalker   Thu Oct 01, 2015 11:18 pm

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Riley Knightwalker
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