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 Academy Rules

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PostSubject: Academy Rules   Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:26 pm

We all know the general rules of the forum. Now to be educated on the rules of Cross Academy, Read CAREFULLY. There are penalties to disobeying. For your account and character in RP mind you.

Cross Academy Rules:::

1)†Sucking Blood is Prohibited on school grounds! (This is kinda...a no shit sherlock.)

2)†No fighting on school grounds! Not only is it dangerous for you, not to mention unnessecary, its dangerous for the human students.

3)†No Day Class students in the Night Class Dorms! Or Vice Versa! And exception for Prefects. We all know why! (Though our characters might not.)

4)†No Day Class students are allowed out past lights out.

5)†Night Class students are not allowed to venture into the Day Classrooms during well, the day.

6)†No damaging school property (Day or Night Class)

7)†No using your powers in plain veiw of Day Class students, or on the grounds. You are promitted to use them only in the Night Class Dorms.

8 )†No telling Day Class students your a vampire (even if you aren't) We don't need mass hysteria.

9)†No bribing, gambling, threatening, etc!

10)†All Day Class and Night Class students are to show the equal amount of respect for each other.

Repercussions for Rule Breaking:::

1) Students found breaking above rules will have to do a series of common chores.
-Clean the hallways.
-Clean desks.
-Clear chalkboard and clean it for tomorrows class.
-Sweep the floors.
-Clean the windows.
-Clean bathrooms.
-Scrub the floors.
-Vaccum carpets.
-Clean up garbage from grounds.
-Sweep cobblestones.
-Trim the hedges.
-Pull weeds.
-Prim the roses.
-Throw out the garbage and replace bags.
-Clean the eavesdrops

In other words we'll work your characters fingers to the bones.

The RPers, though we can't control you, we can control your movements.

First Strike: A warning.

Second Strike: Mild punishment and you'll be under our watch for three days.

Third Strike and above: You'll be locked down.
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Academy Rules
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